Trip to Sanremo – part 2

Next day we celebrate Alex’s birthday with a wonderful meal in a (rather “upmarket”) local seafood restaurant…

Later on, we try an even more ecological form of transport along the 24km cycle path following the Italian coastline (using the same old railway track as the parking at the hotel). More ecological, but hard work pedaling into the strong wind ! Next time we’ll use an electric bicycle ! 😉

From the car’s GPS we learn that there are actually 3 charging points in Sanremo, and even though we don’t need to charge, it is always good to see if they work for future trips. Ofcourse, with the Italian driving- and parking-style, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that there’s a car wrongly parked in front of the charging point… (even though there is actual marking to indicate the place is reserved for electric cars)

But even if we could have parked, the chargepoint (from an American company called “ChargePoint”) would have been no use. It seems you need a specific badge, but there’s no information or phone number on the pillar. Also, the chargepoint shows no signs of life at all…

Back in the hotel, the owner of the hotel has spend over an hour on the phone to the council, only to learn that the 3 charge points are in fact not connected because of a dispute over payment of the electricity. They have been sitting there since july, and there was no sign of any resolution any time soon… Nice to know… 🙁

We end the stay in Italy with real Italian ice-cream. Mega-size !

And another quick stop at the other fast charger in Monaco on the way home. The fast charger refused to connect to the car initially, without explaining what was wrong. However, a couple of curious Italians (that had been looking rather bemused at my attemps to hook up), switched the chargepoint to Italian, and surprise, in Italian it told them that the emergency button was blocked. Indeed, twisting the emergency button made it release itself, and charging started… How embarassing !!! 😉 Charging, finally…


A trip to Sanremo (Italy)

A long-weekend in Sanremo to celebrate Alex’s birthday. Only 90km away really, but many steep hills on the motorway makes this a little bit of a challenge all the same. On top of that we weren’t quite sure about charging facilities in Sanremo.

So to be safe we stopped half way in Monaco for a fast charge, in case charging in Italy wasn’t possible. All charging is free in Monaco, and I’ve used the two fast-chargers there on a number of occassions.

However, at arrival in Sanremo (Ospedaletti to be precise), charging at the hotel was not a problem. The LEAF was placed behind bars 😉 in an old railway tunnel used as private parking, for a nice safe charge.

Probably not the safest charge with the flimsy italian plugs and an adaptor, but it worked !

Time for an “aperitivo” as only the italians can do it ! Almost a full meal !