Next Year ?

Nissan will be releasing an electric version of their NV200!  Nissan: When can we get this in campervan version ??? 🙂


Carwings data

Carwings is the system in the LEAF that keeps track of energy use. Here’s a compilation of the data for the months of july and august. A total of 620kWh used, of which 139kWh was from energy regenerated by braking, and 481kWh of electricity from the grid. At an average of 15ct/kWh that would have cost us 72.15 euros – roughly the equivalent of 1 tank of petrol for 4795km! (the data includes some driving before & after the trip).

Some interesting observations:

  • On the 26th of July, and the 16th, 18th, and 20th of August, we did roughly the same distance of 285km. However we used respectively 31, 26, 23, 22 kWh. The landscape was roughly the same for the 4 days wrt hills. So this can be explained mostly by the difference in average speed, but for the 26th of july the coarse road surface in the UK might have played a role ?