Kielder Water

First stop in the UK:Nissan Newcastle (Benfield) for a fast charge. Plenty of LEAFs around here. The area around Newcastle seems to be one of the most LEAF-dense areas in the UK (Perhaps because they are now made in Sunderland, just a few miles away).



Unfortunately their rapid charger has been out of service for 3 months. They’re not impressed with the “french” charger…


Fortunately, there are plenty of rapid chargers around. We choose to go to a local shopping centre, the “metrocentre”, which has 2 rapid chargers as well as a number of slow charge points.



Succesfull charge on the first of the “Charge Your Car” network of chargers. My badge from the year before is still active, and we’re fully charged in the time it takes to get a coffy at the first Starbucks of the journey 🙂20140721_Newcastle_Metrocentre_2

Next stop Hexham. We don’t really need another charge before today’s destination, but we know there’s a rapid charger there, and we feel safer heading into Norhtumberland National Park with a full charge just in case. We find a brand new ABB tri-standard charger here, that doesn’t even need a badge!



The very clear display is a little pessimistic, indicating 60 minutes for only about 30% of a charge. In reality it finished in under 15 minutes (while we were shopping in the Sainsbury’s just beside it).20140721_Hexham_New_ABB_Charger_display

The destination for the next couple of days is Kielder, on the shores of Kielder Water in Northumberland National Park. We reserved a B&B, and there’s a charge point in the village. Unfortunately, on arrival, the chargepoint is not in service. The association that runs the local petrol-station and the chargepoint is very helpful, but many phone calls further, it seems an electrician will need to be called out, so we won’t be able to charge at the chargepoint during our stay.

no blue light... bad sign!

no blue light… bad sign!

Instead we go for dinner at the Pheasant Inn, where we stayed last year. It has a chargepoint we have used before, and we manage to charge there no problem.


In good (?) company of a Vauxhall Ampera who’s also come for dinner because of the charging point 🙂


The following day we cycle the 42km around the lake.



We have lunch in a small tearoom at the south end of the lake, where by chance we find another chargepoint! Northumberland does not seem to be lacking chargepoints!



In the evening, the B&B owner helps us out with a cable out the first floor window (no window needs to be left open on the ground floor), so that we can depart with a full charge the next day.






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