A 122km to go today to get back to Paris and put the car on the train. With the car heavily loaded, and the bicycles on the back, this will be difficult all the same. In the end we decided to stop at the Leclerc supermarket in Meaux, where there’s 4 charge points. 2 of the places were ICEd, one by a Prius that was obviously not a plug-in… You need to pick up a card at reception to activate the charger, but charging is free.


2 hours of charging gives us plenty of charge to be able to take the motorway into Paris at full speed. We drop of the car early at the station, where we had been expected, since it is not often that they get to plug in the car to their very own rapid charger! The girl at check-in remarks that it is very pleasant, a car that doesn’t produce fumes. She’s had enough of sitting in exhaust fumes all day!

After having dropped of the car, we pick up the children who stayed with their grandmother for a couple of days, and who arrived by Thalys from Holland. The hotel deal we reserved included tickets for a boat tour on the Seine, so we set off by foot (avoing the metro), and stumble on the “Berges de Paris”. The sides of the river have been transformed into pedestrian zones, with plenty of activities for young and old. Really really nice! And a big difference with the smelly roads that used to take up all that area!


paris_les_berges_1We spent quite a bit of time wondering along the river sides, so we only get to the boat tour when the sun is starting to set. However, this is actually probably the best time to do the tour. Some photos of the boat ride to finish off… the following morning we take the TGV down to Nice ourselves to pick up the car, and head back to our house…






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