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Our LEAF was delivered on 31st of august 2011 (after a looooong wait 😉 ). Since then it has become the family car of preference, and our prius stays at home at the weekend! The range has not been a problem so far, even on a number of weekends away in the mountains, including some trips to the ski stations (with snow-chains!). Finding charging points on our longer journeys has not been difficult; people are interested in the electric car, and very willing to help out.

But the LEAF is not our first electric car.

The 3 years before getting the LEAF, the daily runner was a 1998 all electric Citroen Saxo. Seen here at the very top of the highest road in Europe (col de la Bonette – 2802 m), during the 2010 Traversee des Alpes.



One thought on “The Car

  1. Thanks so much for this blog about your journeys with the Nissan Leaf, very inspiring!
    So inspiring that we decided to replace our old petrol car with a Nissan Leaf 🙂
    Starting with many questions, most of them are answered by now, but one question still remains: I want to take my mountainbikes on the car for our holiday trips. The dealer said that’s impossible, but I see you your pictures that you have a bike holder on the car somehow. How did you do that?

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